Instrument Platforms to meet the Changing Needs of your Laboratory

Better Sensitivity + Better Specificity = Better Lab Results

Immco Diagnostics, a pioneer in Immunofluorescence (IFA) and enzyme linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) for autoimmune diagnostics for over 40 years, is pleased to present an array of leading edge instruments for the laboratory. As the laboratory grows and requirements change, Immco Diagnostics provides the ideal instrument solution based upon laboratory objectives, throughput, technology, size, and cost parameters.



Immco i-Sight IFA

The new Immco i-Sight IFA is a state of the art system for image acquisition and interpretation of cell and tissue based indirect immunofluorescence (IIF) diagnostics.

It is the ideal solution for any size lab performing IIF testing that is looking for greater standardization for routine cell and tissue based IIF procedures. It provides value added diagnosis for clinicians and expands throughput, maximizing efficiency in the laboratory.

Key Features

• High performance fluorescence microscope with LED light source

• Innovative Immco i-Sight IFA software guarantees optimal image capture and processing,
  fully automated analysis of immunofluorescence signals and efficient data storage and management.

• Image Interpretation/Evaluation

• LIS integration available



 Zenit UP

All in One Automated ELISA Microplate and IFA slide Processor.

The new Zenit UP is the complete and reliable solution for simultaneous processing of ELISA and IFA assays to meet the testing needs of medium to large laboratories. Testing configurations are optimized with the 3 row customizable mosaic slide system, providing the ultimate in flexibility and no risk of cross contamination. The Zenit UP features efficiency, flexibility, reliability and simplicity – all in one.

Key Features

• Simultaneous processing of up to 4 ELISA microplates and 16 IFA slides in one session

• High throughput, flexible workhorse

• Independent washing, dispensing, and reading to optimize throughput

• IFA well by well washing procedure with continuous flow 2 needle system: one to dispense and one to aspirate

• Integrated barcode reader enabling automatic sample code acquisition

 Zenit UP Brochure





 A fully automated 4 plate ELISA processing system for the medium to large laboratory,
capable of performing multiple assays per plate.

From immunology, infectious disease, hormone, allergy, blood-chemistry, and drugs-of-abuse testing, the DSX™
employs a modular design that provides flexible configuration and reliable sample-in and result-out processing for
full automation.

Key Features

• Open system designed for ease-of-use and robust performance

• Online Help available at all steps of setting up or programming assays.

• Environmental Control

• QC Features/Process Security features include learned error recovery, sample Identification and pipette security

DSX Brochure




DS2™ is a complete ELISA processing system for labs that want all the benefits that high
performance automation can bring – improved reliability, accuracy, security, and
productivity – with lower volume requirements.

 Key Features

• Full walk-away capability

• Easily processes two 96-well microplates and up to 12 different assays simultaneously

• Features the most user-friendly control system, chain of custody, and instrument diagnostics

• Reading and analysis with variety of quality control parameters and automatic data reduction

• Automatic barcode scanning